Product enhancements | 2023

We are proud to announce a range of product enhancements for the benefit of our members, based on recent member feedback and experiences.
You can find more information about each product enhancement below, or get in contact with us to discuss your specific circumstances. 


Cancer Support Program
We’ve partnered with Valion Health to provide a personalised cancer support experience for eligible members under our Hospital cover. The Cancer Support Program is all about improving quality of life for those with, or recovering from, cancer. This includes members who are having (or recently completed) cancer treatment, and those living with advanced cancer. For more information please visit


Counselling Services and HICAPS
We’ve simplified the counselling benefits available through our Extras cover to allow Eligible Counselling providers to claim through HICAPS, making it more likely that members will be able to swipe their membership card for on-the-spot claiming. 


Provisional Dental Implants 
We’ve added a provisional dental implant benefit to our Extras cover under Major Dental, to assist members needing a temporary solution before a long-term option can be applied. For instance, a provisional dental implant may be used to hold a denture while the long-term implants integrate for a future bridge or multiple crowns.


Bras for External Breast Prostheses
We’ve removed the member co-contribution for mastectomy bras under our Hospital cover for members who have undergone a mastectomy or double mastectomy, and we’ve also increased the mastectomy bra benefit.

  • Benefit Payable: 80% of the charge up to the item limit up to a maximum of $100 per service (3 services (bras) in a calendar year)
  • Waiting Period: 12 months 
  • Additional Information: For use following a full or partial mastectomy. Benefits not payable for night-attire and bathers.


Cranial Orthosis (Helmet) for babies
We’ve introduced a new benefit for cranial remoulding helmet therapy under our Hospital Cover. These assist in the treatment of severe or very severe deformational plagiocephaly/ brachycephaly/ scaphocephaly in a child where required as part of the treatment process prior to the fusion of cranial bones.

  • Benefit: 80% of the charge up to the benefit item limit $750 (per calendar year per dependent child)
  • Waiting Period: 12 months 
  • Additional Information: Medical practitioner letter or referral required outlining the reason for requirement. Must be supplied by recognised provider specialising in the supply of moulded cranial orthoses. Must be an approved item as listed on the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). 


Penile Rigidity Device
We’ve introduced a new benefit under our Hospital cover for penile rigidity devices used to treat erectile dysfunction following a prostatectomy. 

  • Benefit: 80% of the charge up to the benefit item limit $220
  • Replacement Period: 1 replacement every 36 months
  • Waiting Period: 12 months
  • Additional Information: Medical practitioner letter or referral required outlining the reason for requirement. Must be registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) as a Medical Device


Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Attachments
We’ve added cover for CPAP Attachments under our existing Hospital benefits for Aids and Appliances, allowing more flexibility for members to use their benefits. 

  • Benefit: 80% up to charge of $400. 4 year rolling maximum benefit of $2000 applies to CPAP machines/masks and attachments. 
  • Waiting Period: 12 months
  • Additional Information: CPAP Attachments can include straps, filters, tubes, tube elbows, nose pads etc. and are items that will extend the life of the mask or machine.  Items such as CPAP travel bags, Batteries and Wipes are not payable.


20% off Safety Glasses at OPSM and Laubman&Pank Stores.
From 1 April 2023, members holding either Extras or Hospital cover with us will receive 20% off a complete pair of Safety Glasses or Sunglasses (with prescription polycarbonate lenses & a safety certificate) at all OPSM and Laubman&Pank stores.




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