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A trusted fund for the policing community for over 85 years
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Looking for your Tax Statement

Health Insurance Statements have been forwarded directly to the Australian Tax Office (ATO) on your behalf. If you would still like to obtain a copy for your own records, they are also available to download from our Online Member Services (OMS).

1 April 2022 changes to your cover

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve worked hard to provide the best cover, service and value for you, our members. It’s a commitment that we’ve extended into our annual premium review as we seek to offer additional benefits while also keeping premium increases as low as possible, as always.

Our approach and continued commitment to excellence has seen us named the Number 1 private health fund for Member Satisfaction, Better Claim Rebates and Customer Service in the 2021 Healthcare & Insurance Australia research survey undertaken by Ipsos Australia.

Find out how we’re building member value in 2022 and beyond


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Easy on the Spot Extras Claiming for Members

Most extras can be claimed using your membership card or just take a photo using you phone!

You can download our Police Health Mobile claims App and lodge your claims from your mobile phone.


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“I’ve just been through a year of medical treatment and I’m so thankful I was covered under Police Health.”


Why we're different is why we're better...

Police Health is a not-for-profit, member based fund. That makes us very different to shareholder-owned insurers, whose investors expect to be paid a dividend every year.

We're a private health insurer that understands the needs of the police community for over 85 years.


Our members are our strongest advocates

We encourage you to ask your colleagues about Police Health.

With over 60,000 of the policing community across Australia already choosing Police Health and a satisfaction rating of 98%, we're confident that you only have to ask around to find out how good the benefits can be.

Ready to switch? You can do it today!

Did you know you're not tied into your current health cover?

If you want to move to Police Health, you can - straight away.

•    we’ll handle your transfer from your existing fund on your behalf
•    30 day cooling off period to ensure that you’re happy
•    any waiting periods you’ve already served switch with you

Call us for a no obligation quote 1800 603 603.

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Optical Benefits

Optical Benefits

Enhancements to your cover, effective 1 April 2022

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FAQ: Will you pay for my Pilates treatment?

Police Health has never had a benefit structure for Pilates, either as a separate category or under our Complementary Therapy category.
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Supporting Your Mental Wellbeing

Understanding the difference between a Counsellor, Psychologist and a Psychiatrist
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Contracted & Recognised Hospitals

We provide cover that represents the highest quality and best value for our members. We have agreements with over 500 hospitals across Australia.
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FAQ: Counselling Benefits

As part of our commitment to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of our Members, Police Health offers counselling services in our Extras cover.  
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FAQ: Premium Increase

Each year the Minister for Health reviews and approves new private health insurance premiums across the industry, to take effect from 1 April.

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FAQ: How soon can I claim?

Your cover will start as soon as your application has been approved and relevant premiums are paid. 
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FAQ: If I change my mind on my cover?

Police Health provides a cooling off period for new members or existing members who change their level of cover. 
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Policies, Brochures & Forms


Police Health policies can be accessed here

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