Like all private health funds, Police Health has waiting periods for new members, including people transferring from another insurer when taking out a higher level of cover. Waiting periods also apply to current members upgrading their cover.

A ‘waiting period’ in the context of private health insurance means the period of time from the commencement of cover or increase in cover, to when the benefit or new benefit can be claimed by the member under their chosen cover (excludes accidents).

Waiting periods are designed to protect the interest of our members. Without them it would be easy for people to join only at the times when they need cover and to receive benefits. This would lead to higher premiums for all fund members.

At Police Health the waiting periods are:

Hospital benefits of Gold Hospital and Gold Combined:

  • 2 months membership for all benefits, excluding accidents
  • 12 months membership for obstetric treatment
  • 12 months membership for pre- existing conditions, excluding psychiatric care, rehabilitation or palliative care
  • 12 months travel and accommodation (general treatment) and home nursing
  • 12 months membership for aids & appliances*.
* 12 months membership for continuous positive air pressure (CPAP) machines, and goods and services under Non-surgically Implanted Prosthesis and Appliances and other aids and appliances.

Extras benefits for Rolling Extras and Gold Combined:

  • 2 months membership for all benefits, excluding accidents
  • 12 months membership for major dental (like crowns and dentures) and orthodontics, hearing aids, nebulisers, blood glucose & blood pressure monitors, blood coagulation monitor and for pre-existing conditions
  • 12 month membership for Rollover Benefit (2 years Major Dental).

Gold Combined:

  • 3 years membership for corrective laser eye surgery.

It is important to note that if you are transferring from another insurer, waiting periods only apply to the level of cover that is greater than previously held.

For instance if you previously had top hospital cover with the previous insurer but with an excess, the waiting period only applies to the excess when joining Police Health.

A government leaflet containing further information is available by clicking here


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Optical Benefits

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Optical Benefit</body></html>

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Police Health has never had a benefit structure for Pilates, either as a separate category or under our Complementary Therapy category.
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