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If you’re after comprehensive reliable hospital cover, our Top Hospital product is for you. For complete peace of mind our Top Hospital has no excesses, co-payments, exclusions or benefit limitation periods – just pick your hospital and recover.


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Top Hospital.
Hospital Only.

Our Top Hospital product covers you for treatment in any recognised hospital or day-surgery (public or private) anywhere in Australia.

It is designed to give you and your family freedom of choice in your health care.

Our Top Hospital cover is a top level product with no excess, benefit limitation periods, co-payments or exclusions, and covers all treatments and procedures where Medicare pays a benefit.

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  • THIS IS TRUE TOP LEVEL COVER: It's comprehensive and covers all treatments and procedures where Medicare pays a benefit.
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    NO NASTY SURPRISES: With no excess, co-payments, benefit limitation periods or exclusions.
  • Provider of your choice
    CHOOSE WHO TREATS YOU AND WHERE: We doesn’t restrict you to any particular hospital, doctor or healthcare provider – our full benefits apply for all recognised hospitals, services and providers.
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    INCLUDES AMBULANCE COVER: You're 100% covered for emergency transport and clinically required non-emergency transport.


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  • General hospital costs

    100% covered for:

    • Private or shared room accommodation (subject to availability and the hospital 35 day rule).
    • Same day hospitalisation and day surgery
    • Intensive/coronary care accommodation
  • Theatre fees/labour ward

    100% covered

  • Drugs supplied

    100% covered when related to the reason for admission in hospital and covered under the agreement we have with the hospital. Public hospitals generally supply medication without charge.

  • Doctor's fees (for hospital treatment)

    At a minimum, we will cover the difference between the Medicare rebate and the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Fee. If your doctor chooses to use the Access Gap Cover schedule of fees, we can cover up to 100% of the doctor’s Access Gap Cover agreed fee.

  • Hospital at home

    Police Health has agreements with some hospitals to deliver out-of-hospital care to patients for services such as wound management, intravenous therapy and post-natal care.

  • Ambulance

    100% covered for emergency transport, clinically required non-emergency transport, and treatment not requiring transport.

  • Additional health care services

    Benefits are available for aids and appliances and Home Nursing. Call us on 1800 603 603 for clarification.

  • Travel and accommodation

    Up to $500 per year, per policy (conditions apply).

  • Surgical Prosthesis

    Prostheses include screws and plates, intraocular lenses, replacement joints, cardiac stents, defibrillators and other devices that are surgically implanted during your stay in hospital. There are many options to choose from, all designed to achieve the same result, but they can vary in cost and comparative benefits. We provide benefits as per the government defined list called the Prostheses List. Visit to find out what is listed on the Prostheses List.

  • Examples of Hospital Services

    Top Hospital when Medicare pays a benefit
    Some example services that you’re covered for under Top Hospital when Medicare pays a benefit are listed below. This is not an exhaustive list. Should you require information about a particular treatment please call us.

    Intensive care and operating theatre YES
    Heart surgery, bypass, stents YES
    Removal of tonsils YES
    Removal of appendix YES
    Hernias YES
    Chemotherapy and cancer YES
    Rehabilitation services YES
    Hip and knee reconstruction and
    joint replacement
    Pregnancy and birth related services YES
    Assisted reproductive services (IVF) YES
    Gastric banding, stomach surgery YES
    Dialysis for chronic renal failure YES
    Back surgery YES
    Psychiatric services YES
    Cataract and lens replacement (eyes) YES
    Surgically implanted prostheses YES

    *This is not an exhaustive list.

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