All Australian health funds are required by law to provide Private Health Information Statement (PHIS) for each product they offer. PHIS's are important tools to aid the consumers of health insurance to review their existing policy or compare private health insurance products when making a purchasing decision.

There are three types of Private Health Information Statements:

  • Hospital - describes the features and limitations of hospital cover, including the type of accommodation, which medical services are covered in full, part or not covered, waiting periods and additional payments (excesses, co-payments and gaps),
  • General Treatment - describes the features and limitations of general treatment cover, including which services are covered, waiting periods, benefit limits and example benefits for each type of service, and
  • Combined - describes the features and limitations of a combined hospital and general treatment cover, with details as above.

A Private Health Information Statement gives a summary of the key product features only, it is a description of your cover.

You should not fully rely on the dollar amounts of premiums on the Statement as they are there for comparison purposes only, but are indicative. The actual premium may vary depending on your circumstances, for example, your age and your age when you first got health insurance. Benefits will vary depending on the details of your policy, the treatments you are having, the health service provider and the payment option you choose.

A government leaflet containing further information is available by clicking on the below pdf downloads

Government Brochures

Private Health Information Statements are available on all private health insurance products in Australia. These are designed to assist you in reviewing and comparing different health insurance policies. This is a Federal Government initiative and all health insurers are required to provide such statements by law. Police Health Private Health Information Statements are available on request. For further information on Private Health Information Statements and other detailed information on private health insurance in Australia visit the Federal Government's private health website.



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