Our Insurance Team

Being a not for profit, we take pride in doing the right thing and looking after our members


The Fund is managed by a team of health insurance professionals with vast experience in the private health insurance industry. This team works under the direction of the Board of Directors, which come from both police & health insurance backgrounds – people who know, and understand the industry and care about the emergency services community.


Peter Shanahan

“My commitment to our members is to provide them with the best value health insurance."

Deputy Chair

Kevin Lawton

“I am committed to advancing the health and wellbeing of our members, while maintaining our special relationship that has endured since 1935."

Board Director

Linda Williams

“I am keen to assist in maintaining the solid governance, rigorous financial management and growth to strengthen member services.”

Board Director

Mick O’Neill

“Our mission to care for one another and improving the health and wellbeing of our community continues to drive my commitment.”

Board Director

Phil Vincent

“I will strive to contribute to the Board’s ongoing stewardship of this successful fund.”

Board Director

Simon Watkins

“I am committed to ensuring we are a resilient organisation so we are always there to support you, and your family’s, health and wellbeing .”


Board Director

Mark Burgess

“As the former CEO of the Police Federation of Australia and a police officer of over thirty years, I see us as being an integral part of the police and emergency services family.”

Board Director

Gayle Ginnane

“My experience as a former health insurance regulator and economic qualifications can add strength to the Board.”

Chief Executive Officer

Scott Williams

"As the son of a police officer and a father of three myself, I love how much Police Health embodies the police family spirit and always puts the health and wellbeing of members first."


Rebecca Chapman

"I look forward to the continued growth of Police Health, whilst maintaining an unwavering focus on our members, and their health insurance needs."


Tony Melino

"Police Health is truly aligned to the member, and decisions are made with the member top of mind."


Angelo Russo

"Police Health has earned a reputation as a trusted and respected brand, and the entire organisation has a sharp focus on the health and wellbeing of the policing community."


Daniel Zervaas

"With the consumer being police I have a strong sense of satisfaction in providing a service to the members of the community who serve us all."


Margot Cook

"I'm proud to be part of the team at Police Health where I see a committed and professional approach with genuine interest in the health and wellbeing of our people and members."

Looking for help?


FAQ: Will you pay for my Pilates treatment?

Police Health has never had a benefit structure for Pilates, either as a separate category or under our Complementary Therapy category.
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Supporting Your Mental Wellbeing

Understanding the difference between a Counsellor, Psychologist and a Psychiatrist
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Contracted & Recognised Hospitals

We provide cover that represents the highest quality and best value for our members. We have agreements with over 500 hospitals across Australia.
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FAQ: Counselling Benefits

As part of our commitment to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of our Members, Police Health offers counselling services in our Extras cover.  
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FAQ: Premium Increase

Each year the Minister for Health reviews and approves new private health insurance premiums across the industry, to take effect from 1 April.

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FAQ: How soon can I claim?

Your cover will start as soon as your application has been approved and relevant premiums are paid. 
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FAQ: If I change my mind on my cover?

Police Health provides a cooling off period for new members or existing members who change their level of cover. 
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Policies, Brochures & Forms


Police Health policies can be accessed here

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FAQ: Do excesses apply for hospital stays?

We offer top cover with our Gold Hospital and Gold Combined products. These products do not have exclusions also no excess for hospital stays.
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FAQ: Can I join?

Police Health is restricted access private health insurer for employed, retired police officers or close relations to one
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