Police Health is Australia's only private health insurer run exclusively for the police by police.

Who Can Join?

Police Health is restricted access private health insurer exclusive for:

1. Current Australian police officers and police employees of state, territory or federal police departments, police unions and associations.

2. Retired and former police officers, and employees of police departments, unions and associations in Australia who resigned on or retired after 1 January 2001 (or any time for South Australia).

3. In addition, eligibility also extends to the families of the above:

  • partners, including spouse or defacto
  • former partners
  • dependent and adult children (including the partners and dependent children of the adult children)

Contact us if you are uncertain about your eligibility. 1800 603 603.



Eligibility FAQ's

FAQ: Can I retain my cover after I retire from police?

Yes you can, as long as you retired after 1 January 2001 (or was employed by SAPOL at any time).

FAQ: Which Departments Unions and Association Qualify? 


  • SAPOL: South Australian Police
  • NTPFES: Northern Territory Police Services
  • QPS: Queensland Police Service
  • WAPOL: Western Australian Police
  • TASPOL: Tasmanian Police
  • VICPOL: Victorian Police
  • NSWPOL: New South Wales Police
  • AFP: Australian Federal Police

Unions & Associations

  • PASA: Police Association of South Australia
  • NTPA: Northern Territory Police Association
  • QPU: Queensland Police Union
  • QPCOUE: Queensland Police Commissioned Officers Union
  • WAPU: Western Australian Police Union
  • PAT: Police Association of Tasmania
  • TPAV: The Police Association of Victoria
  • PANSW: Police Association of New South Wales
  • AFPA: The Australian Federal Police Association
  • PFA: The Police Federation of Australia

FAQ: Can I join when at the Police Academy/College?

Yes you can. Whilst training at the police academy/ college you are currently employed by your state/territory police department, so therefore are eligible to join.


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