Contracted and Recognised Hospitals

Police Health is committed to providing cover that represents the highest quality and best value for our members. In meeting this commitment, we maintain agreements with over 500 private hospitals across Australia.

Our hospital cover doesn't restrict you to any particular hospital - our full benefits apply in all recognised hospitals for recognised services. In the unlikely event that we cease to recognise a hospital for full benefits, Police Health will advise members likely to be affected and list the hospitals on this page.

To maintain these arrangements, Police Health engages the Australian Health Service Alliance (AHSA) to negotiate them on our behalf. The AHSA are experts in this field and currently undertake this activity on behalf of 29 private health insurers. Maintaining these agreements with hospitals ensures you have the best possible cover should you need treatment in hospital.

Current hospitals where our full benefits will not be covered in hospital expenses

  • Toowong Private Hospital, Queensland, who provide inpatient, day patient, and community based mental-health treatments. 


Hospital Contract
Recognised Hospitals

You may have heard private health funds refer to agreement hospitals, contracted hospitals or even members hospitals. These are hospitals that private health funds have contracts with and generally for members to receive their full benefit entitlement they need to go to these hospitals.

Police Health has contracts with the majority of Australia's private hospitals. These contracts cover the vast majority of hospital admissions for our members and help keep the cost of your hospital insurance down. These arrangements ensure that an agreed schedule of fees (including in-patient accommodation, theatre and special unit accommodation fees as appropriate) is charged by the hospital and paid by Police Health on the member's behalf.

However, with Police Health, if you need to be admitted to a non-contracted hospital, we'll still provide you with full cover for recognised services you receive in that hospital. So you still get to choose the hospital for the treatment you require with total peace of mind.

Naturally, we'd prefer members to use one of our contracted hospitals, but as location and choice of specialist can sometimes limit your options, we'll leave that choice to you.

If for any reason we cease to recognise a hospital for full benefits, we will provide details of that hospital(s) on this web page.


Non-recognised Hospitals

Regrettably following negotiations, Police Health through the AHSA have been unable to reach agreement with Toowong Private Hospital on what we believe are fair fees. Reaching agreement on the level of fees they charge and we cover is important as it avoids unnecessary pressure being placed on your health fund premiums.

Toowong Private Hospital have now terminated our agreement effective midnight 24 August 2017. From this date, new and increased fees may be charged by them for the hospital services they provide. These fees are likely to be higher than what Police Health recognise for benefit payment purposes, resulting in a portion of their fees not being covered by us and being borne directly by you.

Transitional arrangements are in place to provide protection for our members at this hospital if before 25 August 2017:

Treatment has commenced

  • Treatment has been pre-booked and will be performed prior to 24 February 2018
  • A course of treatment has commenced (includes treatments for up to 6 months)

In these circumstances the hospital will bill patients in line with the existing agreement and Police Health will pay its benefits.

A list of possible alternate hospital facilities offering mental health programs and care nearby can be found below. These are all hospitals with whom we have agreements over the fees they charge which will generally be covered by Police Health.

  • Brisbane Private - Brisbane
  • Belmont Private - Carina
  • New Farm Clinic - New Farm
  • North West Private Hospital - Everton Park
  • Pine Rivers Private Hospital - Strathpine

If you require or are planning treatment at Toowong Private Hospital please contact us to discuss how this could affect you. Likewise if you have any questions regarding your hospital cover, please contact us on 1800 603 603.



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Contracted & Recognised Hospitals

We provide cover that represents the highest quality and best value for our members. We have agreements with over 500 hospitals across Australia.
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