Under Police Health Access Gap Cover you may never have to pay a doctor’s bill. Your doctor can forward all accounts to us and we pay them on your behalf.

Access Gap Cover is Police Health’s scheme to eliminate or reduce out-of-pocket expenses for medical services (doctors, radiology, and pathology) during hospital stays. We participate in this scheme through our affiliation with Australian Health Service Alliance.

Top Tip

Before you’re admitted to hospital check with your doctor if they are one of 25,000 doctors Australia wide who has an arrangement with us under the Access Gap Cover scheme.

When doctors bill under this arrangement we can pay higher benefits to eliminate or at least reduce your out of pocket costs.

While all doctors can be involved in Access Gap Cover, it is up to individual doctors to participate on a case by case basis.

Please speak with your doctor or specialist to see if they will participate in Access Gap Cover for any planned private hospital treatment. For a list of providers eligible to participate and who have agreed for their details to be published, please call us or use our online provider search.


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Contracted and Recognised Hospitals

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FAQ: Premium Increase

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