Everything we do is about looking after the health and wellbeing of our community

Who we are

Police Health is brought to you by Police Health Limited, a not-for-profit, member based, private health insurance fund. This means that we’re run for the benefit of members and not driven by corporate investors or overseas owners demanding shareholder dividends. The fund has stood behind the policing community for over 85 years, first established in 1935. 

We understand what it’s like to do a job that impacts on your physical and mental health while you’re protecting our community. It’s why our products and services are designed with that in mind.


Police Health is arguably one of the highest rating health insurers for customer satisfaction and the reason is simple:

  • Policies that are easy to understand
  • Award winning service voted by members
  • Top gold level insurance for peace of mind


The Fund is managed by a small team of health insurance professionals with vast experience in the private health insurance industry. This team works under the direction of the Board of Directors, which come from both police & health insurance backgrounds – people who know, and understand the industry and care about the police community.

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