Refer A Mate!

We believe our members are our greatest advocates. That's why we're encouraging you to tell your eligible friends and family all about Police Health.

Refer an eligible person to join Police Health with either our Extras, Hospital or Combined cover and you’ll both receive a $50 gift card. Simply ensure the new member quotes the promo code ’REFER’ when signing up.



Offer Terms & Conditions:

(1) This offer is current as of 01 January 2019. Police Health reserves the right to alter or change the conditions of the offer at any time. Police Health also reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time.

(2) This offer is only available to current Police Health policy holders who refer a ‘new member’ to Police Health extras cover, hospital cover or hospital & extras cover.

(3) A ‘new member’ is a person who has not been a policy holder of Police Health in the past four months. 

(4) A ‘new member’ does not include persons who come off of their parent’s policy, go from a single policy to family policy, family to sole parent etc.).

(5) Gift Cards will be for the value of $50 and will be issued to both the ‘new member’ and the referring Police Health member upon successful receipt of the first 30 days of premium payment. 

(6) Only 1 gift card is attainable for the referring Police Health member and the ‘new member’ per policy and will be sent via post. 

(7) Gift cards are not refundable for cash and they are subject to their own Terms and Conditions of use. 

(8) This offer is not available to existing Police Health members whose policy is suspended or in arrears. 

(9) The ‘new member’ must note the promotion code ‘REFER’ on the application form or disclose the promotion code to the Customer Service Offer at the point of sale for the gift card to be issued. The Police Health Customer Service Team will contact the ‘new member’ to confirm the details of the referring Police Health member.

(10) Employees and directors of Police Health Group or their immediate family are not eligible to participate in the promotion. 

(11) This offer is not available in conjunction with any other promotional offer from Police Health. 

(12) Police Health do not accept any responsibility for lost, stolen, undeliverable or damaged gift cards and no replacement will be sent in the event of the aforementioned.

(13) Current Police Health members can refer a ‘new member’ to Emergency Services Health (Emergency Services Health Pty Ltd ABN 98 131 093 877). Providing the aforementioned 13 clauses are met, both the referring Police Health member and the ‘new member’ will be eligible for a gift card. 

(14) Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Current as at 01/01/2019. 

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