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healthbeat is an online health portal for Police Health members who are 18 years and older with hospital cover.

The health portal is an initiative to help our members live healthy lives through a preventative health measure and to help those with chronic illness. 

healthbeat can give you up-to-date health information that is relevant to you after you complete an online health assessment and it allows you to track your health information and share it with your GP and health providers with your consent.

After completion of the health assessment if you are identified as having or being at risk of one of the chronic diseases for which Police Health funds a chronic disease management program, you will be offered the option to participate in the relevant program.

Assessment of your suitability for a Police Health funded program, the invitation to participate and the running of a program is undertaken by Home Support Services (HSS). There is no cost to you if you are approved (subject to benefit eligibility) to undertake a disease management program.

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Who has access to the chronic disease management program?

Based on your online health assessment outcomes, HSS will assess your eligibility to the chronic disease management program. At this point you can choose to opt in or opt out.

Programs range but are not limited to Diabetes, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Mental Health, and Coronary Heart Disease.


What is the Chronic Disease Management Program (CDMP)?

CDMP addresses the progressive stages of chronic disease through in-home and telephonic assistance; the programs run for six months. The aim is to help members manage their chronic disease or prevent them from having to go to hospital.

Members who meet the criteria for CDMP will be presented with a brief description of the service and ask to indicate their consent to participate and if they want to share their health information with HSS. Police Health cover the cost of the program for eligible members.


Who can take the health assessment, or access the health portal?

Any Police Health member 18 years of age or older, insured under a current policy with hospital (Top hospital, Gold Combined, Platinum Plus). This includes the contributor, partner/spouse and/or dependent children. Each person will need to register themselves with their own password as the health portal is set up for the individual and is not on a shared login.


Does the health assessment or access cost money?

The Police Health healthbeat health portal and its online health assessment is fully funded by Police Health. The service is offered to all members who are 18 years of age or older under a current policy with hospital cover.

Likewise the CDMP is fully funded by Police Health and is offered to members that are identified through the health assessment as being suitable. We encourage all our members to register and complete an online health assessment.


Why are Police Health offering this service?

We are a member focused not-for-profit health insurer and are committed to looking after our members.

The health portal is an initiative to help our members live healthy lives through a preventative health measure and to help those with chronic illness.

We are also investing in these programs to help keep premiums down, by actively helping members manage their health in areas that can reduce the need for hospitalisation.


Will my health assessment outcome affect my premiums?

No, Police Health does not have access to your individual health portal account. We believe that by assisting with members’ health we can reduce the number of hospital admissions which will help keep premiums down.

In addition private health insurance premiums are not risk rated like other forms of general insurance. As set out in the Private Health Insurance Act 2007, legislation prevents private health insurers from discriminating between people on the basis of their health.


Who can see or access my data, is it secure?

All information is secure and kept confidential. Police Health does not have access to view your personal information stored on healthbeat. Any information that you submit is stored by Medikeeper and their privacy statement can be found on the health portal. Additionally you can choose to share your health portal information with HSS for health coaching purposes or with your GP, health care provider or family member, but that decision is up to you.


Who developed the questions; why was I asked personal information?

The health risk assessment questions, medical information provided and outcome of assessments are developed by Medikeeper who specialise in preventative healthcare delivery.

The healthbeat health portal and chronic disease management program is monitored and serviced by Home Support Services (HSS) who are an industry leader in home health care and preventative health with a dedicated team of Registered Nurses, Allied Health Staff, and personal carers.


Who is Medikeeper, and HSS; and what is their relationship with Police Health?

Police Health recognises that there is need and desire from its members to offer more services in preventative health measures. In recognising this, Police Health sourced the highest quality service providers to deliver this service to its members.

Medikeeper, was founded in 2003 by doctors in the USA. Medikeeper’s role is to deliver a seamless health portal that collects and analyses your data securely and confidentially. Medikeeper delivers each member personalised health management tools and information to allow the user to become a more informed patient and to facilitate them in making smarter health and lifestyle choices.

Home Support Services (HSS) is an industry leader in home health care with over 20 years of experience in providing care to patients in their own homes. HSS pioneered “Hospital Avoidance” programs and continue to lead in providing high quality, acute community based health care to patients around Australia. HSS is accredited by the Australian Council on Health Care Standards and is based in South Australia. HSS deliver high quality service through a fully qualified and dedicated team of Registered Nurses, Allied Health staff, personal Carers and Domestics who have a genuine commitment to providing an outstanding level of health care.


Having trouble registering or logging in?

Please contact Home Support Services (HSS) 1300 550 654


* healthbeat health portal access setting at 18 years and above is a service provider (Medikeeper) requirement.