Whenever you see the Members Own symbol next to a health fund logo, you're looking at a fund that values members over profits and works hard to deliver the best possible service and benefits to you.

Members Own Health Funds is a group of 15 like-minded not-for-profit and mutual health funds. We’ve come together to make Australians aware of the benefits of being with one of us.

Australia’s health insurance is dominated by a listed company and an overseas-based multinational. Australians need to know there are still Australian health funds that are run to benefit their members. We believe passionately that health insurance is about protecting the health of members, not making profits for others.


This is where we stand: the guiding philosophy of all 15 health funds (18 brands) that carry the Members Own symbol is that it's just not right to profit from people's misfortunes or ill-health.

Members Own funds put their members first: instead of operating their business around how they can profit from you, they are thinking about how they can help you, now and for generations to come.

The Members Own funds are committed to returning more to members – providing more appropriate products, better service and returning more of your premium dollar back to you in benefits.

Members Own funds are committed to continuing to provide private health insurance with a heart. Unlike some funds they’re not distracted by the demands of corporate shareholders or overseas owners… to a Members Own fund you’re not a policy holder or a number, you’re a member.

Health funds that carry the Members Own symbol are thinking about you, working for you. Because what matters to them is you and your health.

You’re a person, not a profit centre.






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