We make it really easy for you to switch, simply fill out an application form and complete the section called `Transferring from another health fund' and we will inform your previous insurer that you wish to cancel your cover. If you were paying them by direct debit, you will also need to cancel any direct debit arrangement.

Rest assured there are no penalties in switching to Police Health; continuity of cover is provided for new members transferring from another registered Australian health insurer.

Police Health will honor any waiting periods served for equal or greater cover from your previous insurer, so for most people transferring you don't even have to serve a waiting period to be covered, as long as you have already served the relevant waiting periods, join us within one month of ceasing membership of the previous private health fund and pay premiums from that cease date.

We will even give you a 30 day cooling off period on your health cover. So you can feel confident in your decision. If you do change your mind, we will refund any premiums paid in the first 30 days provided no claims have been paid, please see our Cooling Off Period Policy for more information.

When your previous cover is cancelled, the previous insurer will automatically send out a clearance certificate. If we do not receive your clearance certificate from your previous insurer within 14 days, we will let you know and contact them on your behalf.

This clearance certificate is important because it confirms:

  • the type and level of cover you held (e.g. hospital, general treatment, combined)
  • your join date
  • your cancellation date
  • your Lifetime Health Cover certified age of entry 
  • any waiting periods you may have served and those that will not apply if you are swapping to a similar or lesser cover
  • a summary of your recent claims, as major items claimed from previous insurer may count towards your entitlement limits. For example this can usually be seen through major dental work, but can apply to different service claiming areas.