You have a number of options to pay your premiums:

  • fortnightly by direct debit from your financial institution (Direct Debit Request Service Agreement)
  • fortnightly as an automatic payroll deduction from your police department salary (not available to NSW/ACT and VIC)
  • quarterly, half-yearly or yearly by renewal notice
  • BPAY (applicable only for renewal notices).

Benefits will not be paid if your premium payments are in arrears, other than payroll deductions & direct debit which in some circumstances may be up to 14 days in arrears. If premiums are more than two months in arrears, your cover will lapse and may be cancelled by Police Health.

You can bring your membership up-to-date provided that it has not been more than two months in arrears. You are responsible for ensuring that your premium payments are up-to-date.

Please Note: Creditcard facilities are not available for premium payments.