What does it mean that Police Health is not-for-profit?

It means all surpluses are used to benefit members and not to provide a return for shareholders. Any profits are retained to benefit members in the future.

Does Police Health offer discounts for low claim policy holders?

The Private Health Insurance Act 2007 prohibits health insurers from discriminating against a policy holder based on their claims or medical conditions. Health insurers are therefore not legally permitted to provide a discount or reward of any kind to low claiming policy holders.

What are the conditions of membership?

You can view a copy of the Fund Rules in our secure member login services area or view a copy of the Fund Rules at 320 King William Street Adelaide SA 5000,  alternatively we can send a copy out to you on written request.

Why doesn’t Police Health have offices in other states?

We are always looking at what’s best for our members which includes trying to keep costs down.

Insurance is an arena that does not require a physical presence in each state, particularly with electronic communication in todays world. We still offer exceptional service via phone, online, email and fax, which saves our members money and keeps premiums down.

Running a branch network would add to the costs of the health fund and would ultimately be paid by our members through higher premiums to meet these costs. Member research shows that our members would rather have lower premiums than a branch in each state.

How do you become a member of the company?

A member of the company is not the same as being a contributor (policy holder of the health fund) or other insured person under a Police Health insurance policy. The following people can apply to become a member of the company:

  • A contributor or dependent who is or has been an employee of SAPOL.
  • Anyone who was a member of the South Australian Police Employees’ Health Fund on its dissolution on 1 July 2009.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Police Health contact the company secretary on (08) 8112 7000 for details and application form. A Member of the company Police Health Limited receives no greater health benefit entitlements but has voting rights in Police Health Limited.


How does a person become a director of Police Health?

A person usually becomes a director by being elected by members of the company. Under certain circumstances, a person can be appointed by the Board.

Only a member of the company can be elected as a director of Police Health. You must become a member before you can seek nomination (eligibility requirements apply).

The nominee must:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Reside in Australia.
  • Be a member of the company, Police Health Limited.
  • Not be disqualified by any law, in particular the Corporations Act or the Private Health Insurance Act, from acting as a director.
  • Not be permanently incapacitated by physical or mental illness.
  • The candidate must be nominated by another member of the company.

Once Police Health has called for nominations there is a robust election process:

  1. A comprehensive explanation is provided to potential candidates when nominations are sought.
  2. The candidate and proposer must complete and lodge a nomination form before the closing date.
  3. The Nominations Committee reviews the acceptability of the candidate. This usually involves an interview after the closing date, character checks, police clearance certificate and a review of information provided by the candidate.
  4. The candidate is informed of the committee’s decision on acceptability.
  5. An election of directors takes place at the annual general meeting.

If you are interested in becoming a director of Police Health contact the company secretary on (08) 8112 7000 for details and application form.

How long does someone remain as a director?

The constitution does not specify a fixed term for individual directors, but does require that a third of elected directors retire every year at the annual general meeting. Generally, a person is a director for two or three years before they must retire.

A retiring director can self-nominate by completing a nomination form and lodging it with Police Health prior to the closing date. The election process is the same for all nominees, except that a director standing for re-election does not need to be nominated by another member of Police Health.


Where can you get more information on joining the Board?

For information on becoming a member or director of Police Health, contact the company secretary on (08) 8112 7000.