Police Health News

At Police Health our important mission is to support the police culture of caring for each other by improving the health and wellness of the policing community across Australia.  We have been looking after the police community for over 80 years, starting in South Australia and now across Australia.  We understand the importance of ensuring that we maintain a sustainable Police Health Fund solely for the police community, and we will continue to do so.


Exciting announcement


Consistent with this philosophy and commitment, we are excited to announce that Police Health Fund has registered a separate private health insurer, Emergency Services Health that will be maintained as a separate company.  This new insurer is a restricted access not-for-profit private health insurer for emergency services personnel and their families.


For many years, our colleagues in emergency services, with whom we share a common bond, have been asking for the same straightforward and comprehensive private health insurance cover that police and their families enjoy.  This exciting direction will ensure the sustainability of Police Health through:

  •     Reducing expenses via economies of scale across the two health insurance funds;
  •     Mitigating risks associated with being effectively in only one employment group, and
  •     Growing the member base available in the group while maintaining an unwavering focus on the police community.

We will be launching the Emergency Services Health Fund on 9 January 2017.  If you have any colleagues in emergency services who may be interested in joining Emergency Services Health, please let them know to call us and register their interest or from 9 January, visit our website eshealth.com.au.


Business as usual


Importantly, it’s business as usual at Police Health and you don’t need to do anything other than spread the word to your emergency services colleagues.  Rest assured, Police Health will continue to provide exceptional value for money health insurance products with outstanding customer service.