At Police Health we devote considerable resources into delivering a high level of personal customer service–it helps set us apart from the larger health funds, where the service can be less personal.

While we will never be too big to ignore our members, our alliance with peak industry organisations ensures we are highly competitive in all areas:

Members Own Health Fund (MOHF)

Fifteen like minded Australian health funds have come together to highlight a genuine choice in health insurance. Members Own Health Funds, like Police Health, exist to benefit members, not to profit investors or overseas owners. More than two and a half million Australians are already with a Members Own Health Fund, like Police Health.

Home Support Services

Home Support Services (HSS) is an industry leader in home health care with over 25 years of experience in providing care to patients in their own homes. HSS pioneered “Hospital Avoidance” programs and continue to lead in providing high quality, acute community based health care to patients around Australia. HSS is accredited by the Australian Council on Health Care Standards and is based in South Australia. HSS deliver high quality service through a fully qualified and dedicated team of Registered Nurses, Allied Health staff, Health Coaches including Dietitians and Mental Health Clinicians, personal Carers and Domestics who have a genuine commitment to providing an outstanding level of health care.


We are a founding member of HAMB Systems LTD and our CEO, Michael Oertel, is a current director. HAMBS is a not-for-profit co-operative company. They provide a sophisticated information technology system for the private health insurance industry.  Currently facilitating 24 health funds in Australia providing:

  • network security including firewall, anti-virus and anti spam protection
  • disaster recovery and business continuity
  • checking for fraudulent and inappropriate claims
  • software PMS processing.

Australian Health Service Alliance

AHSA represents a number of small to medium sized registered private health funds across Australia to ease many of the pressures associated with health insurance reforms. By pooling their resources and creating AHSA, participating funds are able to respond more effectively to numerous changes occurring in the private health industry. 

AHSA provides a range of services including management of;

  • provider relationships
  • negotiation of contracts
  • collection, dissemination and analysis of data
  • Access Gap Cover
  • Integrated Health Management Services
  • prostheses and claims support
  • educational services and training.


hirmaa is an industry body which represents Police Health and 16 other community based not-for-profit health funds by; 

  • influencing government policy
  • helping member organisations respond to industry opportunities and threats
  • facilitate service to optimise efficiency and customer services
  • providing education and research to enable best practice
  • supporting shared services.

Australian Regional Health Group

ARHG negotiates hospital purchaser provider agreements on behalf of member funds. It also collects important data, liaises with other industry parties and provides relevant clinical advice. Police Health employ the services of the ARHG to provide expertise in the recognition process  of complementary therapy providers, a service they provide to 21 other health funds around Australia.

The ARHG applies rigorous and well considered criteria to the acceptance of individual therapies and service providers, giving confidence to Police Health and our members that all accredited and recognised service providers meet particular standards in qualification and practice.

Health Industry Claims and Payments Service


HICAPS is an electronic, real-time, claims and payments system which provides members of health funds the convenience of automatic claims processing.

Members simply swipe their membership card through an EFTPOS-style machine and their claim is automatically sent to us for processing, you simply only pay any gap. It's a bit like using a credit card  but without the charges.

The service covers nearly 28,000 health service providers across Australia from dentists and optometrist to podiatrists and physiotherapists.

iSOFT HealthPoint


iSOFT HealthPoint is another service provider of electronic claiming which enables private health fund rebates to be processed immediately after the consultation.

Members simply swipe their membership card through an EFTPOS-style machine and their claim is automatically sent to us for processing, you simply pay any gap. It's a bit like using a credit card but without the charges.

Visit making a claim for more information on HICAPS and iSOFT HealthPoint.