320 King William Street
Adelaide South Australia 5000

Mail address 

Police Health Reply Paid 6111
Adelaide SA 5000

Mail address 

Police Health PO Box 6111
Adelaide SA 5000

Internal Mail (SAPOL)


Contact phone numbers

Phone: 1800 603 603

Fax:    1800 008 554


For all enquiries looking for a response please email:

If however you have any suggestions, or feedback that does not require a response please email:

For claiming please include your membership number in the email subject line and attach a completed and signed Police Health claim form, with any relevant accounts/receipts to:

For all sponsorship enquiries and requests please direct your emails to: 


Office hours

Monday, Wednesday to Friday 
8.45am-4.45pm (SA time)

Tuesday 9.30am-4.45pm (SA time)

Police Health's Resolution Process

For Information regarding 
Complaints/Dispute Resolution


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